SGS Academy Canada - Introduction to ISO 22716:2007 GMP for Cosmetics Training

Introduction to ISO 22716:2007 GMP for Cosmetics Training

Learn Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetics, according to ISO 22716 Guidance. Attend the virtual course, and train from anywhere in the world.

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Through a series of discussion-based sessions and interactive workshops, learn how to help your organization demonstrate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance using ISO 22716.  Build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

Course Topics:

  • Overview of GMP and the Standard 
  • Clause 3 and Personnel Requirements 
  • Clauses 4 and 5: Premises and Equipment Requirements 
  • Clauses 6-11 and Documentation Requirements 
  • Clauses 12-17 and Continual Improvement 
  • Learning Review and Summary 
To attend, you will need an internet connection and telephone connection. 


1.  Discuss and interpret all clause requirements of ISO 22716.
2.  Identify production process issues to be addressed in accordance with the standard.
3.  Identify requirements for manufacturing and quality documentation.
4.   Analyze real-world situations to identify opportunities for continual improvement, in accordance with the standard


Those involved in the development, implementation and management of good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products.   The course will benefit those planning to complete other GMP training, such as internal auditor or lead auditor courses.

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1 Day

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