Food Defense Awareness Training

Learn to implement and maintain a robust food defense program.

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This course is designed for facilities wishing to comply with PAS 96 requirements and for those seeking to implement a robust food defense program. The program draws on HACCP and Crisis Management principles, and requires great commitment from management for its implementation by adopting sound sanitation, GMP and HACCP programs.


After that training, participants will be able to:

1.  Use a food supply web flow chart to conduct a threat assessment.


2.   Develop their own flow chart, define their HACCP team and identify threats for each process step


3.  Analyze real-world scenarios to determine compliance with PAS 96 and identify nonconformities






Internal food safety auditors, food safety managers, quality assurance, quality control or regulatory affairs managers, department supervisors, consultants, and anyone who is interested in gaining more insight into the techniques and procedures required to implement a robust food defense program.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with HACCP principles is helpful.

Learners attending the virtual course will require hardware, internet connection and audio connection for the full duration of the course.

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