SGS Academy Canada - HACCP Implementation Training for the Canadian Cannabis Industry

HACCP Implementation Training for the Canadian Cannabis Industry

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The course is designed to cover and outline basic principles of HACCP and GMP. Through a series of workshops, students will learn how to implement a documented risk assessment program along with understanding the basics of cGMPs as covered in Division 2, Part C of Health Canada’s GMP guidelines. Moreover, students will be provided with guidelines on how to efficiently and effectively create an organizational process-flow diagram which will aid in developing a multi-tiered lean management system, as well as mitigating potential risk at all levels of production.

Provinces across Canada are at the forefront of this budding industry. This course will provide you with resources and insight to help you remain competitive upon legalization of Cannabis


1.  Review Good Manufacturing Practices - related to cannabis
2.  Identify and control hazards - for cannabis
3.  Establish Critical Control Point monitoring requirements
4.  Establish corrective actions to be taken when deviation from critical limit occurs
5.  Articulate the importance of accurate record keeping procedures to document the HACCP system
6.  Establish procedures for verification that the HACCP system is working correctly

7.   Work on Create a working HACCP plan


Safety managers, implementation teams, internal auditors, consultants, those seeking to meet scheme requirements and anyone interested in maintaining sustainable systems for safety control.  Learners who want to ensure they fully understand the requirements to implement into their cannibas production.

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2 Days

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