SGS Academy Germany - Module A4 - Hardware development

Module A4 - Hardware development

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This module does not focus on hardware development itself but on the verification of the hardware concept which is carried out using mathematical models. A practical example is used to present and practice the probabilistic demonstration of safety. Furthermore different analytical methods are discussed.

Our trainings take place from three registered participants, you will receive a registration confirmation about 4 weeks before the training.


  • Hardware safety requirements and their derivation from the system concept
  • Determination of the required failure rates at component level and their adaptation to operating conditions
  • Demonstration of the required Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) and the absolute failure rate/probability (PFH/PFD)
  • Overview of the most commonly used analytical methods in Functional Safety
  • Benefits of analytics for Functional Safety
  • Various analytical methods and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Adaptation proposals for possibly existing analytical methods


Safety managers, hardware developers

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