SGS Academy Spain - IFS Food Version 6.1. In-house training

IFS Food Version 6.1. In-house training

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Day 1:

  •          Introduction (Part 1): general information on IFS
  •          EU Food Regulations and Directives (Part 2)
  •          IFS Food 6.1 audit protocol (Part 3)
    • Main topics: extension audit, audit scope, management of trade products and outsourced processes, exclusion of products/processes
    • Case studies on scope determination
  •          Audit duration calculation
  •          Good IFS auditing practices (Part 3)
    • Audit methods, process and planning
  •          Audit reporting
    • IFS requirements on reporting, compulsory fields, fields in English, report and certificate templates
    • Case study on reporting


Day 2

  •          IFS Food version 6.1 audit requirements (Part 4)
    • The 10 KO requirements. Case studies on KO requirements and deviations
    • Requirements with hazard analysis and assessment of associated risks
    • Requirements on authenticity
    • IFS Food defence
    • Process validation
    •  Case studies (Personnel hygiene, chapters 4 and 5, food defence)


  •          Requirements for certification bodies (part 5)
  •          Integrity Program (Part 6)


La superación de este curso es requisito indispensable para la calificación del Auditor IFS.

La realización del curso está condicionada a un número mínimo de 8 participantes; en caso de no contar con ese mínimo, SGS se reserva el derecho de cancelar/reprogramar el curso, previa comunicación al usuario.


- Participantes del Programa de Calificación de Auditores de Certificación en Seguridad Alimentaria (IFS y BRC). Edición 6. 2018 - 2019 que hayan superado con éxito los 2 cursos previos del Itinerario formativo.

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