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Food Hygiene/handlers must receive appropriate supervision, and be instructed and/or trained in food hygiene, to enable them to handle food safely. Those responsible for developing and maintaining food safety procedures and sanitation at the workplace, must have received adequate training. The necessary skills may also be obtained in other ways, such as through on-the-job training, self-study or relevant prior experience. The operator of the food business is responsible for ensuring this happens.


  • Definition Of Occupational Health And Hygiene
  • Person Who Has Authorized To Classified As Hygiene Competences
  • Scope Of food Hygiene
  • Anticipation Of food Hygiene
  • Recognition Of food Hygiene
  • Evaluation Of food Hygiene
  • Control Of food Hygiene
  • Benefit Of food Hygiene
  • Historical Of food Hygiene
  • Objectives Of food Hygiene
  • Activities Of food Hygiene
  • Inspection Of food Hygiene
  • Monitoring Of food Hygiene
  • Biological Of food Hygiene
  • Enforcement Of food Hygiene
  • Accident / Incident Related With food Hygiene and the workplace
  • Practical with case study, inspection and audit
  • Post test
  • Evaluation


  • Workplace Emergency Response Teams
  • HSE Team
  • Koki
  • Waitress
  • Employees
  • Any person who interest and need to training

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