Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course

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Six Sigma is a proven methodology now a days for achieving excellence of Quality Management through Zero Rejection/Error with extensive power for improving performance of processes and systems of organizations. Lean Six Sigma training courses develop skills for Statistical Process Control (SPC) as well as Statistical Quality Control (SQC) including exhaustive problem solving and analytical tools, statistical tools, process improvement and control tools.

This training provides a business management approach that aims to prepare you for the demands of setting up and running a business improvement program.

The success of any business improvement strategy is founded on strong and dynamic leadership. Our training helps you with techniques to manage and develop dynamic teams in order to plan and lead a Lean Six Sigma project. We provide you with a strategic understanding of how to deliver in the role of a 'Lean Six Sigma Program Champion'. You will receive training and development in all the necessary steps for you to build and lead a successful business improvement program. 


  • Provide Detailed View on How Organizations can Use Six Sigma to Simultaneously Improve Quality and Reduce Costs
  • Understand How Six Sigma Complements and Improves upon Other Approaches to Quality Improvement and Quality Management
  • Recognize Areas of Opportunity for Six Sigma Approach
  • Understand How to Develop a Strategy for Deploying Six Sigma Within Your Organization


This Program is for Quality Analysts, Process Improvement Experts, Program Managers, Project leaders and who wants to learn Six Sigma Methodology and apply it to make break through improvements in performance in their organization

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4 Days

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