Risk Management - Useful Tools & Techniques

Risk Management - Useful Tools & Techniques

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The importance of risk management cannot be avoided. It has been and is a fundamental part of doing business that must be addressed appropriately for the company to be successful. Managing risks by having a procedure in place to deal with risks does make a difference on their impact.

However, effective risk management tools and techniques are critical to ensure risk can be managed in a consistent way, reliable analysis and produce a reliable trail. 

The choice of tools and techniques shall be relevant and suitable. Other applicable factors such as availability of resources, complexity and degree of uncertainty must be considered and addressed.

Important: Only the softcopy of the course material will be distributed on the day of training. Thus participants are reminded to bring along their laptop for the duration of the training.


This program aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and ability to :

  • Understand the general risk management framework
  • Comprehend practical and specific tools and techniques that can be adopted in risk management
  • Review the strengths of each tools and best applicable at which phases of process in managing risk
  • Communicate with Management or interested party(s) on how the organisation is performing and opportunity for improvements
  • Help organisations implement risk management in a way that is right for each organisation


Managers/Executives/Supervisors, the Risk Management Committee Members and anyone who involves in establishing, identifying, assessing, implementing, reviewing and improving Risk Management at workplace

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