Introduction & Awareness of GMP+ B2 Animal Feed

Introduction & Awareness of GMP+ B2 Animal Feed

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GMP+ B2 creates a uniform standard for animal feed ingredients, a single set of certification rules and co-operation between standard owners. Designed for all those involved in the feed and feed material supply chain, this training provides attendees with an understanding of the concepts and the role of the GMP+ B2 requirements in developing an efficient management system.

Important: Only the softcopy of the course material will be distributed on the day of training. Thus participants are reminded to bring along their laptop for the duration of the training.


  • Introduction to GMP+ in the animal feed supply chain
  • Product traceability
  • GMP+ International’s role in the GMP+ certification scheme
  • Structure of the GMP+ FSA scheme
  • GMP+ FSA documentation
  • Differences between B1, B2 and B3
  • Document supervision and certification
  • Assessment program
  • Production of feed ingredients (introduction, normative reference, the feed safety system, pre-requisite programs, HACCP hazard analysis, control of operational activities, verification and improvement)


Directors, Factory Managers & Executives of feed material manufacturer, In-house HACCP Team Leads and members, company management representative,  QA Manager or production technical personne , Marketing personnel, Traders of feed materials, Warehouse service provider for feed material 

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