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Project Management Course

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Project Management has become an indispensable part of modern-day approach to managing resources.

This training is designed to give you a solid foundation of project management.  It aims equip you with key basic concepts and tools you can use to increase the probability of project success (meeting project objectives within cost and budget).  It also emphasizes the importance of leadership and effective communication as key ingredients to effective project management.

  • Overview of Project Management
  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing
  • Project Leadership

The course is comprised of interactive lectures and worshops where you can directly apply project management concepts and tools to an existing or future project.  This course applies many concepts and tools from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and ISO 21500:2012 (Guidance for Project Management) which can be useful to those wish to pursue certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop for use during the workshops (please inform us in case you cannot bring your own).


Upon completion of this course, you are expected to:
  • Define project management
  • Project management framework following ISO 21500:2012 - Guidance on project management
  • Identify key phases of a project and the role of a project manager during each phase
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis and risk analysis and develop actions for more effective project management
  • Write a project charter
  • Develop a project plan and identify strategies to monitor and control project progress
  • Determine documentation and steps needed in project closure


This course is useful to staff or managers, regardless of industry, who want to develop a strong foundation in project management.  This course has no prerequisites.


SGS shall provide only generic information and advice which are freely available in the public domain.

SGS will not provide company-specific advice towards any development and implementation of managements systems for eventual certification, which contravenes requirements of the IAF Guidance (i.e. provision of consultancy services).

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