Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Course (FMEA)

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FMEA is a quantitative and quantitative step-by-step approach to identify and analyze actual and potential points of failure in a design, product or service.  A successful team-based FMEA activity can utilize the team's collective experience to significantly improve product performance as well as reduce manufacturing issues at both component, system, and processing level. 

This course is intended to provide you with a working knowledge relevant to develop and evaluate FMEA as a systematic approach to process planning, analysis and improvement.

The course is designed to provide shortened learning curve for the participants to facilitate in the conduct of effective and efficient FMEA even if it is their first time.

  • Introduction to Failure Mode & Effects Analysis
  • Types of Failure Mode & Effects Analysis
  • Application & Benefits of Failure Mode & Effects Analysis
  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis Development
  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis Worksheet 
    --- Potential Failure
    --- Effect of Failure
    --- Control
  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis Rating
    --- Severity (S)
    --- Occurence (O)
    --- Detection (D)
  • Risk Priority Number (RPN)
  • Prioritization and Action
  • Evaluation and Assessment


Upon completion of this course, you are expected to:
  • Recognize and evaluate the potential failure of a product/process and its effect
  • Identify actions which could eliminate or reduce the opportunity of a potential failure occuring
  • Document the process as a disciplined technique to identify and help address potential concerns
  • Present an FMEA report


This course is open to all.  It is useful across different industry segments and different departments involved in planning, implementing and improving quality management systems, such as Production, Quality Control, Purchasing, Engineering, Sales/Marketing and Training or equivalent departments.

Note:  SGS shall provide only generic information and advice which are freely available in public domain.
SGS will not provide company specific advice towards the development and implementation of the management systems for eventual certification, which contravenes the requirements of the IAF Guidance (i.e. provision of consultancy services). 

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2 Days

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