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This course covers designing and implementing an Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) - a requirement of FSMA Preventive Controls for Human Food - starting with a determination of the pathogen of concern, based on raw materials and finished products. Using case studies and practical examples, learn how to conduct a thorough investigation to determine that primary contamination source has been located and eliminated.


Course Topics:

• Learn how to utilize an EMP to verify sanitation

• Identify contact and noncontact surfaces within the hygiene zone

• Understand the steps necessary to investigate the cause and source of a positive sample and take corrective action

• Learn when and where to test for pathogens

• Create a plan specific to your organization

• Interactive workshops and discussions designed to facilitate training transfer

• Discuss available options for indicator organisms

• Understand implications for Food Contact Surface (FCS) and Non FCS sampling

• Learn how to use baseline data and zone designations to support sampling plan design for routine monitoring and data trending

• Identify sampling results that indicate investigative sampling tactics should be used

• Learn about sanitary design principles and how to apply targeted sampling for equipment and facility layout concerns

• Learn to identify gaps in equipment design where product can become contaminated





This course is aimed at producers of ready to eat (RTE) foods that need to design and implement an EMP as required by the Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation in FSMA.

Past experience shows that foodborne pathogens can periodically be found in the food production environment and have caused recalls and outbreaks. While routine sanitation typically eliminates a transient contamination, at times these pathogens establish a harborage deeply hidden in the equipment or other areas within the facility. Careful monitoring of the RTE environment is critical to understanding areas of concern and developing a risk-based environmental monitoring program.


Recommended Knowledge and skills:

• Hazard Analysis

• Preventive Controls

• Basic Food Microbiology

• Food Safety Management


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