SGS Academy Philippines - FSC Chain of Custody Advanced Course

FSC Chain of Custody Advanced Course

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Session 1 - Introduction to FSC Controlled Wood Standard

  • Part I: Due Diligence System
  • Part II: QMS
  • FSC STD 30-010 FM Controlled Wood
  • Structure and purpose

Session 2 - FSC Controlled Wood Standard, Part I (1+2): DDS and Information

  • Implementation and maintenance of DDS
  • Obtaining information on DDS

Session 3 - FSC Controlled Wood Standard, Part I (3): Risk Assessment

  • Risk assessment
  • Decision tree

Session 4 - FSC Controlled Wood Standard, Part I (4): Risk Mitigation

  • Risk mitigation
  • Control measures

Session 5 - FSC Controlled Wood Standard, Part II: Quality Management System

  • Competence, documentation and records
  • Publically available information
  • Stakeholder input and complaints

Session 6 - FSC Reclaimed Material Standard

  • Introduction, Terms and Definitions
  1. Purchase of reclaimed forest-based materials
  2. Suppliers validation and monitoring
  3. Material inspection and classification upon receipt
  4. Supplier Audit Program


By the end of this course, learners will have a clear understanding of the:

  1. FSC Controlled Wood Standard
  2. FSC Reclaimed Material Standard
  3. FSC CoC Multisite Standard


The training consists of theory and practical examples and case studies.

This training is relevant to those who are involved in planning, implementation and improvement of the FSC CoC system in their organization.  Organizations can come from any point in the supply chain, including harvesters, processors, manufacturers, distributors, printers, or anyone that is taking ownership of the forest product before the end user.


- SGS shall provide only generic information and advice which are freely available in the public domain.

- SGS will not provide company-specific advice towards any development and implementation of managements systems for eventual certification, which contravenes requirements of the IAF Guidance (i.e. provision of consultancy services).

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2 days

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