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Food Defence

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  • Background of Food Defense
  • Understanding the Concepts of Food Defense
  • Overview of acts, guidelines and industry initiatives (based on company initiative)
  • Food Defense Approach and team
  • Overview on Food Defense manual and programmes
  • External  and Internal Security based on company procedures
  • Personnel, Storage and Transport Security
  • Contingency planning
  • Audit and review procedure
  • Overview on Risk assessment (Exercise on ORM practice)
  • Future development based on company’s set goals
  • Guidelines used to conduct an effective and detailed risk assessment will output an action plan based on:
  • Type of Industry
  • Operations
  • Type of products – High Risk, Bulk, RTE, Pasteurized, Canning
  • Provides approaches to the developing threat of intentional and malicious attacks including ideologically motivated attack leading to contamination or supply failure
  • TACCP Threat Assessment
  • Personnel Security
  • Storage and Transport Securities
  • Contingency Planning
  • Audit and Review procedures



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