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Digital Marketing 101

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The internet and digital tools have made it convenient, efficient and affordable for businesses to reach their customers. The challenge that businesses now face is how to make the most of the opportunities available online to generate leads and ultimately grow their business. This course aims to help attendees gain a deep understanding of how to leverage technology to reach a larger but more targeted audience base and deliver the most appropriate and effective messages on the correct marketing channels at the right time. The attendees will also develop essential skills and knowledge to design and implement digital marketing tactics that they may use to guide their future marketing activities.

The course will be delivered through a series of lectures combined with hands-on exercises to ensure understanding of all discussed concepts.


This course will aim to:

a)  Introduce the digital marketing landscape and opportunities

b)  Help participants understand digital marketing terminologies

c)  Teach participants how to do digital marketing efficiently and effectively

d)  Help participants understand their customer needs and how to leverage digital strategies to address these

At the end of the course, participants will be able to map out the journey of their customers from awareness to purchase through to loyalty and design a digital marketing action plan or campaign based on their customers’ needs and wants at each stage of the customer journey.


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