SGS Academy Philippines - Understanding Your Employees - Your Most Important Stakeholders

Understanding Your Employees - Your Most Important Stakeholders

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By gaining a good understanding of our employees, we can increase their satisfaction and ultimately increase bottom line. The process of employee understanding will map out the six phases of an employee's journey, then create specific personas which shall serve as fictional representations of certain segments of our workforce. These personas will provide guidance to effectively go about employee engagement efforts, therefore improve employee experience. Significantly, such inspire employees to be our organization's brand advocates.

The course will be delivered through a series of lectures combined with hands-on exercises to ensure understanding of all discussed concepts.


This course aims to equip the participants with basic knowledge on:

a)  employee segmentation

b)  employee profiling

c)  steps on persona development

d) Employee Journey Mapping

At the end of the course, participants will be able to map out the journey of their employees from attraction to employee satisfaction through to loyalty and visualize personas that will guide them in creating employee interventions.


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