Maintaining Customer Relations in a world where Consumer Power Runs Supreme (Effective Customer Service)

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Customer Relations as a business element is very straightforward as it should be in tune with your or your organization’s prescribed level of customer excellence.  However, in actual practice, a company’s front liners or those who have a level of customer interaction, will agree that it is anything but.  

Communication is a key element in customer service.  However, maintaining customer relations that include assuaging the customer from a complained below-par service, requires the human factor with a big serving of understanding and a huge dollop of patience.


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This 3-hour course will introduce you to the importance of the key aspects of customer behavior in order for you to better appreciate how to best serve your clients.

Outline and Contents

  • What Makes a Consumer?  Redefining and Rediscovering your Customer
  • Practical Approach in the Effective Handling of Customer Complaints
  • The Key Factors in Customer Relations
  • Mini-Workshop


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