SGS Academy Singapore - Statistical Process Control (SPC) & Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) Training Course

Statistical Process Control (SPC) & Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) Training Course

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This course develops the participants understanding of MSA & key SPC methodologies through group activities and individual participant.

The key topics will include:

  • Understanding the objectives of SPC and its benefits
  • Decisions on process adjustment
  • Basic statistics for SPC & MSA and the basis of the Central Limit Theorem
  • Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion and shape of a distribution
  • Prediction of percentage out-of-specifications
  • Process Control and Process Capability
  • Interpreting signals on a control chart
  • Control chart planning & selection
  • Variables and attributes control charts
  • Understanding the elements of measurement system e.g. discrimination, resolution, linearity, bias, stability, sensitivity, precision & accuracy, and number of distinct categories
  • Measurement system variations and measurement uncertainty
  • Variable gage study (GRR report)
  • Interpreting measurement unit analysis
  • Understanding variable gage (Long Study)
  • Introduction to the concept of attribute measurement system analysis


Upon completion, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of SPC and MSA based on the AIAG SPC and MSA Reference Manuals
  • Be able top apply SPC in processes to identify common and special causes of variation
  • Be able to interpret control charts
  • Be able to conduct MSA and use the results from gage repeatability and reproducibility for decision making
  • Appreciate the complementary relationship between SPC and MSA.


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