SGS Academy Singapore - ANSI-ESD-S20.20-E2014 Management System Awareness Training Course

ANSI-ESD-S20.20-E2014 Management System Awareness Training Course

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The course aims to provide the foundation material for understanding electrostatics and electrostatic discharge (ESD) and their role in the manufacture and handling of ESD sensitive devices. The fundamental properties of charge, electric fields, voltage, capacitance and current are discussed with a view towards understanding key electrostatic phenomena and electrical processes.  These include charge generation and decay, material properties and induction.  An overview of Human Body Model (HBM) and other ESD common referred models is presented, including how these models impact ESD control programs. 

The course provides an overview of ESD control procedures during handling and manufacturing activities, and an overview of ANSI-ESD-S20.20 program requirements.  The presentation includes many in-class interactive discussions and animated slides. 

Course Content

  • Introduction to ANSI-ESD-S20.20 Management System, Principles and Definitions

  • Understanding the elements of ANSI-ESD-S20.20

  • System Documentation and Develop an ESD Control Plan

  • Plan, Prepare, Execute and Evaluate implementation of an ESD control plan


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will:

  • Acquire good understanding of ANSI-ESD-S20.20 requirement

  • Understand requirement to develop an ESD Control Plan

  • Understand properties of an Electrostatic and how static charges are transferred

  • Understand types of static dissipative medium and how working environment influence static charges

  • Understand ESD models (e.g. Human Body Model (HBM) and other common referred models)
  • Be able to plan, prepare, execute and evaluate implementation of an ESD control plan


This training should be attended by program members and representatives who are working towards professional ESD system implementation or certification; including:

  • Managers / executives / supervisors / personnel who are driving and establishing ESD control plan

  • Personnel who are involved in the implementation and maintenance of ESD control programs

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