5S - A Foundation For Improvement Training Course

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This 1-Day course is designed primarily to equip participants with the understanding of the concepts and benefits of 5S.

  • What is 5S?

  • Training and execution of 5-S

  • Applying 5-S at the workplace


The 5-S Principle is a tool to help organizations build a culture of continuous improvement and a technique to maintain superior quality and environment. On top of its easiness to operate, the 5-S Principle can effectively improve quality, environment, occupational health and safety, hygiene, productivity, image and improve competitiveness.  It is therefore the first step of any quality improvement plan. The 5-S Principle is strongly recommended to work alongside management systems.

The benefits of 5-S

  • Providing organization with an excellent work environment and superior quality management system

  • The first step to superior management (efficiently helps organizations to run other quality management system)

  • 5-S can help organizations in managing employees systematically

  • Cultivate good habits among the employees and a mindset of continuous improvement

  • Regular audit ensures the 5-S Principle is effectively executed

  • Establish an institutional culture and standardized system


Managers / Executives / Supervisors and those who wish to embark on continual improvement of their workplace

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