API 580 - Risk Based Inspection Awareness Training Course

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Introduction to RBI

Purpose, Scope, Terms and Definitions

RBI Benefits and Limitations

Risk Management and Risk Reduction

Overview of Risk Analysis & Inspection Optimization

Key Elements of an RBI Program

Types of RBI Assessment

RBI use to manage Operating Risks

Management of Risks

RBI and Other Risk-Based and Safety Initiatives

Planning the RBI Assessment


Data and Information Collection for RBI Assessment

Damage Mechanisms and Failure Modes

Probability of Failure (POF) Assessment

Consequence of Failure (POF) Assessment

Risk Determination, Assessment, and Management

Risk Management with Inspection Activities

Risk Mitigation Methods

RBI Reassessment and Updating

Roles, Responsibilities, Training, and Qualifications

RBI Documentation and Recordkeeping


The objective of this course is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding on the concepts of Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) based on API 580 principles.

  • Understand the benefits of implementing both qualitative and quantitative approaches in RBI
  • Effectively plan successful RBI projects, prepare RBI plans and optimize maintenance and inspection planning


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