SGS Academy Thailand - International Material Data System (IMDS) Training for Beginner Level

International Material Data System (IMDS) Training for Beginner Level

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*** SGS also provide e-certificate and e-document (e-document will be provided for In-house training only). This enables learners to be free from certificate loss, to reduce storage space, and ultimately to be environmental-friendly to which SGS’s current policy is attached.***


The participants will know the background of the International Material Data System (IMDS) and the underlying legislation. They will understand the definitions and terms of the system in general, and are able to navigate within the IMDS. The participants will be able to generate simple declaration in IMDS, know how to search for data, and have a basic understanding of the quality criteria to be applied to supplier data. The focus of this course is on the practical usage of the IMDS system.



  • EU-ELV directive 2000/53/EC and current Annex II (exemption list)
  • China-ELV framework
  • REACH regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006)
  • Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL)


  • General introduction IMDS
  • The resources on the IMDS public pages
  • Registration of a company in IMDS, Login/Logout
  • Data visibility and data sharing
  • Material data sheet (MDS) and product structure tree
  • Modules and MDS
  • Components, semi-components, materials and basic substances

Procedures in IMDS and practical exercises

  • Efficient use of search functions in IMDS
  • Information flow: Internal release, sending, publishing, proposing
  • Version control, forwarding, copying, deleting
  • External data sheets: Quality control and integration
  • Special data fields for selected materials (application codes, polymeric parts)

Introduction to data quality control in IMDS

  • IMDS internal data check
  • Introduction to IMDS errors and warnings

 IMDS implementation strategies

  • Communication strategies, rejections and supplier information
  • Enforcement of compliance in supply chains and best practices


Participants visiting this course should be new to the IMDS system. They should have a basic understanding of the general quality assurance processes used in automotive industry.

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1 Day

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