SGS Academy Thailand - International Material Data System (IMDS) Training for Advanced Level

International Material Data System (IMDS) Training for Advanced Level

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*** SGS also provide e-certificate and e-document (e-document will be provided for In-house training only). This enables leaners to be free from certificate loss, to reduce storage space, and ultimately to be environmental-friendly to which SGS’s current policy is attached.***


The participants will know the background of the International Material Data System (IMDS) and the underlying legislation for End-of-life vehicles (ELV) in different countries. They will understand the definitions and terms of the IMDS in detail and will be capable of using all functions. The participants will know how to search for supplier data and be capable of generating complex product structure trees. The participants will know the scope of the internal data checking routines of IMDS and be aware of the necessary supply chain management procedures for ELV compliance.




  • Legal background: EU-ELV, China-ELV , REACH regulation and other restricted substance legislation

  • Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL)

Case studies

  • Generation of a complex product structure tree

  • Application codes, polymeric parts marking and process chemicals

  • Materials: Specific categories, hidden substances and joker contents

  • Naming conventions and standard materials

  • The basic substance level in IMDS

High quality data in IMDS

  • Change management

  • IMDS-recommendations - detailed discussion

  • IMDS data check routines, errors and warnings - detailed discussion

  • Additional acceptance criteria of OEM

  • Typical problems and troubleshooting of IMDS data

  • FBOM and other simplified declarations for certain product categories

Analysis in IMDS

  • Restricted substance analysis in IMDS

  • Views on IMDS data

  • Substance categories and analysis

  • Regulation Wizard (New!)

Administration of the system

  • The administrative menu

  • Statistics

  • User roles


  • Request mechanism in IMDS

  • New functions in IMDS


Participants visiting this course should have already gathered limited experience with IMDS and know how to use the IMDS system in principle.

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1 Day

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