Food Fraud and Vulnerability Assessment

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The purpose of this course to encourage entrepreneurs, executives, managers, quality system and food safety team. To know the importance and the preparation of the system according to the guidelines of the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) to identify key management systems and approaches to vulnerability assessment (Food fraud) and application tools (Vulnerability assessment tools) in accordance with the requirements of the GFSI (eg BRC Issue 7, FSSC 22000 Version 4, IFS version 6 and SQF edition 8th)). To build credibility for the product and to expand sales to your organization. The course has been prepared and proposed guidelines for the preparation of the assessment of food fraud. According to international standards in order to guide the implementation of applications in your organization. Both in the production process to be safe, supply and to seek accreditation according to international standards (GFSI).


  • The meaning and impact of food fraud to the food industry and safety of consumers.

  • Laws with food fraud production in the country and abroad.

  • The GFSI standards relating to vulnerability assessment of the likely fraud and dealing with a fraud.

  • Application tools in assessing the vulnerability of the food (Tools).

  • The guidelines of food fraud and authenticity of food (Food authenticity) of the vulnerability assessment.


  • Food industry entrepreneurs for domestic and exports.

  • Executive manager of quality systems purchasing managers, supply chain managers, staff, food safety instructors, students and the general public.

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1 Day

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