Organizational Context and Risk Management For FSSC/ISO 22000

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 ***SGS also provide e-certificate and e-document (e-document will be provided for In-house training only). This enables learners to be free from certificate loss, to reduce storage space, and ultimately to be environmental-friendly to which SGS’s current policy is attached.***


  • New fundamental concept of ISO 22000:2018 

  • Food safety risk management principles 

  • Risk management process 

  • Risk assessment tools 

  • For example, the use of management tools with related the requirement of ISO 22000:2018

  • Guidelines plans to transition from ISO 22000:2005 to ISO 22000:2015


          The organization has been certified ISO 22000:2005 guidelines are already able to adjust to the standards of ISO 22000 version 2018 effectively. The course is a one day course is designed to train participants about the basic concepts of organizational context and risk management for FSSC/ISO 22000 in new version by ISO 22000:2018 standard as well as to better understand the issues have changed. And the impact on the food safety management system at present. And the future of your organization. The content of this course will enable participants to understand the training requirements are different from the 2005 version, risk management process, identification risk, analysis risk, evaluation risk, treatment risk, reviewed and communication risk, risk assessment tools by workshop and includes an assembly of the applications in accordance with the requirements of this International Standard. So each organization can assess gaps analysis (Gap) of the organization to plan for adapt to new standards in effectiveness and environmental compliance of each business in the food supply chain. The content of the course consists of theory and practice to provide participants with skills training in the application of the requirements of this International Standard. In order to prepare the most relevant at the time of transition to a new decade of food business in the future.


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1 Day

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