Food Safety Culture for Food Supply Chain

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***SGS also provide e-certificate and e-document (e-document will be provided for In-house training only). This enables learners to be free from certificate loss, to reduce storage space, and ultimately to be environmental-friendly to which SGS’s current policy is attached.***


  • Introduction, important and impacts of food safety culture 
  • Definition, GFSI standard requirement and core elements for food safety culture
  • Food safety culture assessment 
  • Creation, activities for food safety culture action plan 
  • Key success and implementation of food safety culture action plan 
  • Conclusion and benefits 


In order for organizations that have already been certified for food safety management standards in accordance with the guidelines of the GFSI standard or other standards, there can be guidelines for adjusting and creating a food safety culture effectively. The curriculum is designed as a one-day course for participants to know the basic concepts, principles of food safety culture. The content of this course will explain to the participants about the meaning, importance, composition and assessment of the food safety culture of the organization. Along with guidelines, guidelines for determining, tools and activities to be used to develop Corporate Food Safety Culture Management Plan along with being able to understand the standard issues that have changed and the impact on the current food safety management system and the future of your organization, through the learning process from group activities and includes examples of applications to be consistent with the guidelines of the GFSI Group Standards and Food Safety Standards so that each organization can analysis the gap (Gap) of the organization and can plan for the change and create an effective food safety culture of your organization. And in accordance with the environment of each business in the food chain. The content of the course consists of theory and practice in order for the participants to have skills in applying the GFSI and Culture Excellence Model requirements for the most relevant preparation during the transition period to the food business in New decade of the future


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1 Day

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