SGS Academy United Kingdom - Stepping into Management - Accelerator Programme for First Line Managers

Stepping into Management - Accelerator Programme for First Line Managers

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This first line management programme provides learners with the in-depth training and skills you need to ensure continual improvement of your business operations and personal development of your colleagues.

Day One

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • The Role of Leadership and Management
  • John Adair build the team; manage the task, develop the individuals
  • Knowledge skills and Behaviours of an Effective Leader
    • Exploring the qualities of leadership
    • Defining competencies and attributes of effective leadership
    • Management styles self-assessment
  • Communicating Effectively as a Leader
    • Setting clear objectives
    • Generating motivation
    • Dealing with dissent
  • Recruiting and Selecting Talent
    • Defining attributes
    • Screening applications
    • Assessing through interview

Day Two 

  • Managing the Team
    • Communicating vision, mission and strategic objectives in an engaging way
    • Understanding team styles (Belbin Team Role Analysis)
    • Identifying team mix and behaviours
    • Allocating team responsibilities based on capability and talent
  • Managing Meetings
    • Constructing agendas
    • Managing team input
    • Monitoring targets and team objectives
    • Dealing with disruption
  • Managing the Individual
    • Understanding motivation
    • Identifying individual drivers
    • Measuring capability
    • Setting and agreeing performance objectives



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2 Days

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