SGS Academy United Kingdom - Essential Skills - Managing Time and Multiple Priorities Training Course

Essential Skills - Managing Time and Multiple Priorities Training Course

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With the pressure of work increasing year on year and the introduction of mobile connectivity stretching the working day, the ability to manage and control how our time is used becomes ever more critical.

This one-day workshop is designed for those who recognise they may be losing control of their ability to deliver - let alone maintain - a healthy work-life balance. This programme provides participants with the opportunity to take stock and reform their ways of working with practical hints and tips.


  • Introduction and Objectives

Where does time go?

  • Recognising current time demands and issues
  • Tracking activity to regain control
  • Working within time boundaries
  • Setting realistic plans
  • Risks of "crisis management"
  • What SHOULD I be doing?
  • Setting Effective goals

Using Tools Effectively

  • Making sure managing time does not take up time
  • What is wrong with lists
  • Portioning time in plans
  • Operating the Pareto Principle

Decision Making with Priorities

  • Techniques for determining priorities
  • Using the four-box grid
  • Categorising actions into priorities
  • Managing incoming! Maximising effect of outgoing
  • Email management using Outlook as an electronic secretary

Managing Time Bandits Assertively

  • Managing time thieves
  • Controlling personal demons
  • Procrastination - getting around to it
  • Saying "No" to unreasonable requests
  • Managing expectations of deliverables
  • Setting a plan for the future


At the end of this event delegates will be able to:

  • Manage workloads in a time-efficient way
  • Cope better with multiple priorities
  • Plan ahead to reduce last minute issues
  • Deal with stressful situations by reducing stress levels while maintaining motivation
  • Know how to say "No" in the right way


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1 Day

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