SGS Academy United Kingdom - Essential Skills - Problem Solving Through Creating Thinking Training Course

Essential Skills - Problem Solving Through Creating Thinking Training Course

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Making the right decisions in business can be the difference between success and failure. Organisations need employees with analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills that are second to none, to ensure quality management, increases in profit and achievement of growth targets.

This one-day workshop introduces techniques for alternative thinking to those required to identify alternative and creative solutions to challenges. Working in the world of unfettered 'what ifs' and using experience without being constrained by it, participants will explore ideas using open-mindedness and practising creative thinking.


  • Introduction and Objectives
  • What is Creative Thinking?
  • Dr Bengziger's model
  • Stimuli
  • Limiting Factors - getting the grey matter moving
  • The Paper Chain
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Putting Six Thinking Hats to work
  • Personal Plan


By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the stimuli needed to encourage creative thinking
  • Generate creative ideas sessions
  • Recognise creativity barriers and blockers
  • Capture and develop ideas using analysis tools
  • Encourage 'out of the box' thinking
  • Apply creative thinking to problem solving


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1 Day

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