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As everyone may know, supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. Being a professional in Supply Chain, you can imagine how supply chain operation is complicated with various parties of different functionalities.

This course provides fundamentals of supply chain management, covering sources of risks and opportunities, skills of external provider(s) for selecting, monitoring, methodology in tackling issues with relationship management.

The objective of this course upholds the application of skills and a workshop is scheduled on the last day of the course for this purpose.  In addition, as product compliance testing is a key part in supply chain monitoring, laboratory visit will be scheduled  for practitioners to better understand the operations behind their product testing requests. 


Day 1 ​

  • Essentials for Supply Chain Excellence
  • Managing Interruptions in Supply Chain
  • Brand Protection in Supply Chain

Day 2

  • Managing the following Risks in Supply Chain for Sourcing Decision:

Day 3

  • Managing the following Risks in Supply Chain for Sourcing Decision (Cont’d):

Day 4

  • Measuring Supply Chain performance

Day 5

  • Supply Chain Audit Management

Day 6 (Half Day)

  • Laboratory Visit provided by SGS Hong Kong Limited (#Exact date to be confirmed)

The course incorporates lectures, workshops, case studies, experience sharing, and visits to product testing laboratory.

SGS approved tutor with considerable field and theoretical background in Supply Chain

CERTIFICATION (Attendance: 80%):
Delegates who pass the continuous assessment will be issued with a “Certificate of Successful Completion” by SGS. 
Delegates who do no pass the continuous assessment and have been in attendance for at least 80% duration of the course will be issued with a “Certificate of Attendance” by SGS.

Venue: T.S.T. / Wan Chai / Sheung Wan Training Centre / TBC 
Medium: Cantonese supplemented with English material

*Early Bird Price will be offered to participant whose enrolment is made one month prior to the course or online booking or two participants from the same compa



  • Understand what risks and opportunities you have and require to manage to ensure continuity in supply;
  • Acquire the basic skills for external provider(s) in selecting, monitoring and performance reporting;
  • Learn the tools & methodology in tackling issues for supply chain risk mitigation;
  • Provide rare opportunity of laboratory visit for better understanding of product testing operations;


  • Sourcing / Merchandising managers and officers in sourcing / buying offices QA / Compliance managers and officers in trading / retailing sector
  • Factory / Production managers who need to manage supply risks and enhance factory’s performance
  • Other professionals who work with suppliers in their daily operations

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5.5 days

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