CPD Program - Building Sustainable and Innovative Enterprises through Innovation Management System

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In the face of increasingly fierce market competition due to the technological advancement in transportation and communications, each enterprise is keen to stay at a comparatively advantageous position in the market through either the product-driven approach or the market-driven approach.Whatever the approach the enterprise has been adopted in business, a buzz word of the era – innovation – has been taken as part of the key strategies and tactics to meet with customer expectation and make the value chain of service/products “unbreakable”.  However, what is innovation? How the innovative practices can bring the positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness and market share to a firm? Is there any management system to lead an enterprise to respond to external or internal opportunities, and use its creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or products with the effort of workers at all levels for the product development, manufacturing and marketing?

SGS is now in line with InnoEdge to organize a full-day workshop in a collaborative approach to illustrate how to identify customer needs, understand market trends thoroughly, develop competences, and find various support via the innovation management system. In the workshop, local case studies with insights for innovation management will also be shared.



1)Overview of Innovation Management System(IMS)

2)Standard Interpretation of CEN/TS 16555-1:2013

3)Developing disruptive business ideas through Design Thinking

4)Creating innovative and iconic customer experience for suitable business growth

5)Three international recognized cases studies (Service, Sales and Culture Innovation) of HK enterprises



- Mr. Calvin Lai, Technical Services Executive (Sustainability),

Certification and Business Enhancement,

SGS Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Calvin Lai is a sustainability and innovation practitioner. He had conducted over 280 training hours of both in-house and public training workshops, covering a wide range of industries. He is also responsible for developing and managing projects to grow businesses in the area of QC, Traceability, Sustainability and OSH.


- Mr. David Chung,

Senior Partner,

InnoEdge Consulting Ltd. 

Mr. David Chung is a very experienced consultant for the business innovation management and Design Thinking with more than 15 years in consulting and training across different sectors, including the public services, travel, retail, beauty and cosmetics, hospitality, and financial services sectors. In past 5 years, Mr. Chung has managed over 20 large-scale HK- to regional-based business transformation projects in Asia and over 200 innovation training classes.


CERTIFICATION (Attendance: 100%):

SGS Academy Certificate will be issued to those delegates successfully completed the course with full attendance.

* 20% discount will be offered to HKIE Members


After completion of the course, participants are able to understand the practical concepts and general requirements of the CEN/TS 16555-1:2013 IMS, its applications, as well as the benefits of system implementation .


It is designed for participants required to initiate and implement innovative ideas in company/organization for creating effective business performance and sustainable development. It is highly recommended for the staff taking the tasks in the quality improvement, business process improvement and/or being involved in  innovation projects, human resources function and sustainability.

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1 day

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